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Stacy Barter,
Senior Faculty, Painting & Drawing
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Stacy Barter


Stacy Barter has been a full-time oil painter for the past twelve years. After stumbling into a Gregg Kreutz oil painting workshop in 1991 where he set up a beautiful still life and in the course of a few hours produced a juicy, fluid, and masterful piece, she was hooked and immediately knew that oil painting was what she must do. Stacy is committed to ongoing study with master painters of our day and looks forward to setting aside blocks of time for her artistic development. Flowers have become not only what she is most known for, but also what she most loves to paint. You can see more of Stacy’s work at the Toscana Gallery on Park Avenue in Winter Park, or at

Her students at Crealdé School of Art enjoy full day classes in which they learn to set up and paint from beautiful live arrangements. Of teaching, Stacy says, “It is thrilling to share my greatest passion. Working with students takes me back to the early experience of learning to paint. Every single time a still life is set up, no matter how many times I’ve seen that type of flower—it is always new. I love to work with new students and watch their excitement as the light goes on and they understand for the first time what they’re seeing.”

Stacy’s award-winning painting titled My Grandmother Dreams In Peonies honors her 95-year-old grandmother, who grew up on a farm in Iowa where her family had planted peonies. To this day, she shares with Stacy her vivid dreams she has had over the years of standing in her fields with the peonies. Stacy never sees a peony without thinking of her grandmother.


Lemons and Copper Teapot, oil, 2005

Parisian Shawl, oil, 2004

My Grandmother Dreams in Peonies, oil, 2006

Tangerines and Jug, oil, 2006

Awards & Grants

2009 – Schacknow Museum of Fine Art, Ft. Lauderdale, FL

2008 – Casa Feliz, Winter Park, FL

2002 – Atlantic Center for the Arts, New Smyrna Beach

Selected Exhibitions

2009-2010 Oil Painters of America National Exhibition

2010 Salon International

2003 90th Allied Artists of America Exhibition, NYC

2003 72nd Annual Hudson Valley Art Exhibition

2002 106th Annual Catharine Lorillard Wolfe Exhibition, NYC

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